Who We Are

EERP Head OfficeRP Software Technologies (ERPST) is one of the leading systems integrator in East Africa. We have proven track record of Turn-Key implementations in this region. Our Vision is to Transform Africa with robust Enterprise Resource Planning systems and cutting-edge innovation in cloud computing,  mobile solutions and innovative verticals for many industries. We want to leave Africa with the kind of technological foundation which is un-rivalled by our Western counterparts and allow us to lead the way in the IT industry going forward.  We offer our customers the latest range of cost-effective IT Solutions coupled with highly trained and vastly experienced professionals in order to provide end-to-end Turn-Key solutions that delivers real results to your organization. Read More

Offices In Kenya, Tanzania & Ethiopia

Experts In ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. ERPST has implemented large-scale ERP’s in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Our customers have come to appreciate the care and dedication offered to them through EIM (ERPST Implementation Methodology) and our slogan of TOTAL SUPPORT– explaining why many of our customers are reoccurring.


Igenuitive Workflow Solutions for All Industries

Taleo Talent Management is a suite of collaborative, best-of-breed talent management modules that help small, medium, large and Fortune 1000 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. Learn More…

Logility Voyager Solutions is a suite of collaborative, best-of-breed supply chain management (SCM) software solutions that help small, medium, large and Fortune 500 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time.

Oracle Sales Cloud – Your customer has changed, and how you sell needs to change accordingly. To increase sales and optimize efficiency, modern sales requires fast and easy tools, mobile productivity, insightful and collaborative selling, and aggressive pipeline creation. You need more and you need it now.

 SAB Core Banking – More than 200 references covering financial institutions in all sectors and on a world-wide basis testifies to the fact that SAB has developed highly significant functional skills in certain business areas. SAB offers their expertise in the form of packaged modules which include essential business services to assist in their integration with existing systems. Learn More …

Securing Africa with Biometric and Intelligence Solutions

Biometrics to cover all industries both public and private from hospitals, schools, financial services, building security. Find out about all our products…

Interpol-biometric-1 We offer State-of-the-Art Biometric Solutions with dependable biometric readers that accelerate adoption rates thus reducing costs and maximizing return on investment. In Africa there is a particular need for robust biometric solutions that facilitate effective border control management, elimination of ghost workers, and overall national registration of our countries citizens. Through a combination of Biometric fingerprint/fingervein & iris scanners we can register citizens and issue digital ID cards/ drivers license/medical cards that will allow effective tracking of citizens for voting, medical emergencies, thwarting of criminals and increasing the collection of revenue for goverments Learn More …

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, one of the emerging topic in the field of information technology, is the development of parallel computing, distributed computing and grid computing.

cloud computing

 By using the internet and central remote services it maintains the data, applications etc which offers much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing, bandwidth and so on. It can also concentrate all computation resources and manage automatically through the software without intervene. There are several layers in present cloud computing architecture, service models, platforms, issues i.e. security, privacy, reliability, open standard etc. and types. This paper presents all about the promising cloud computing technology i.e. its architecture, advantages, platforms, issues and challenges, applications, future and research options of cloud computing. There four generations of computing such as mainframe based computing, personal computing, client server based computing and web server based computing respectively. As there are several advantages over present generation of web server based computing such as fast micro processor, huge memory, high-speed network, reliable system architecture etc. we can say that cloud computing will provide the next generation of computing services.

Platform Expertise & Partnership with Key Technology Players

We have a dedicated team of consultants who only specialize in in Hardware related solutions.  We offer a range of services over various platforms and being one of the very first IT companies in East-Africa and holding lengthy partnerships with key technology players also means that we have some of the best prices in the market. Our Senior consultants are adept at high-level architectural design, programming and configuration of all the major platforms, Cisco , IBM, Linux and Oracle.