AGRESSO – Our ERP of Choice


Founded in 1980, UNIT4 creates, develops, markets and delivers a wide range of business software products and related services that enable customers to embrace even the most frenetic ongoing business change. Our solutions provide either general or specialized functional business support and benefit all types of private and public sector organizations across the globe.  In addition, some are particularly focused on the needs of specific market sectors.

ERP is an exclusive long-term partner of Unit4 Agresso and have over 20 in-house Agresso experts who have implemented numerous turn-key IFMIS projects for the GovernmentAGRESSO & ERPST

The Agresso Advantage

– Projects

using powerful automation tools to streamline administrative tasks, while providing managers with in-depth information for maximum visibility and control of people, processes and costs across the organization.

– Field Force

a range of tools in a single module that covers: asset maintenance, service team management, inventory management, contract management, resource allocation, regulatory reporting and time/billing invoicing.

– Procurement

providing automation and all the back-office processes for purchasing – from requisition, to invoicing, to posting. The system helps streamline procurement and improve accuracy, delivering valuable cost savings across the organization.

-Payroll & HR

Agresso gives human resources and payroll managers a comprehensive range of tools to help them perform this essential function more efficiently and effectively, with unrivalled agility to meet changing organizational demands or new legislation.

Agresso – The Best Fit for Goverment

Municipalities, Regional Districts and Counties face an ever changing conditions, whether driven by internal pressure (evolving processes, organizational restructuring, etc.) and formidable external pressure (regulatory requirements, citizen requests, etc.) on their financial management systems. The ability to adapt quickly to change is essential to minimizing the impact on an organization

This is especially true for East-Africa with its leap-frog gdp growth and ever-changing political environment such as the devolution in Kenya. East-African goverments and Counties can benefit greatly from the Agresso Advantage – Built for goverment.

– Improve efficiency with modern web-enabled Public Sector ERP systems

– Eliminate the administrative burdens of managing disparate systems and unmanageable interface

– Identify opportunities to reduce spending

-Eliminate the cost of maintaining legacy systems

– Control risk and improve process controls

– Respond to changing requirements easily and cost-effectively

Some of ERP Software Technologies Agresso Goverment Clients