MAP Applications

A comprehensive solution for management of tenders and
construction projects

Building the Cheops Pyramid of Giza 4,500 years ago must have
been a real challenge. Did they do it right from the start? Was efficiencyoptimal?If the project was conducted today, these questions would have beeneasy to answer, at least if MAP Applications™ was used. The programets you take control of entire projects. The modules for estimates,procurement, scheduling and forecasting interact and together are the only tool you need.MAP Applications

Why MAP Applications?

MAP Applications Modules

MAP Applications™ is a market-leading, all-embracingconcept for tendermanagement and construction project management. The system is used forestimating, scheduling, procurement and forecasting.The system’s ultimate purpose is to enable correct decisions to be made – from theinitial project phase to project conclusion – and thereby improving profitability.Through various routines, there are rapid information channels for experience andknowledge recycling.

MAP Applications consists of four different applications for estimating, procurement, forecasting and scheduling. All use the same project database, which is initially created using the estimate application and then refined with the other applications. By integrating the various applications, allinformation is stored and retrieved from a single location. This provides a watertight information channel, with absolutely no information loss. Changes made to an estimate, forexample, have an immediate impact in all other areas, enabling you to control and manage all project phases. Everything is integrated – always!