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Projects & Clients 

Ethiopian Electrical Power Corporation (EEPCO)

ERPST Ethiopia, partnered with Agresso AB to implement EEPCO project. EEPCO contract started January 2005 and completed as per plan on 26th April 2006. The project comprised of computer hardware, network equipment, customer billing software and Agresso Business World. For Agresso, the current user base is less than 200 due to budget constraint but shall increase to 500 in phase II of the project. The billing software handles more than 700,000 customers and another 500,000 to be added in phase II. More than 1000 end user were trained in both accounting and billing system. This project has contributed towards achieving efficiency in the organization. In spite of its complexity, this project was completed on time. ERPST as an official representative of Agresso for East Africa; took part in implementation as well as post-implementation support.


Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

ERPST Ethiopia partnered with Unit4 Agresso AB to implement EIC project. EIC is the largest insurance company in Ethiopia with 56% of market share. EIC has decided to implement state of art accounting system, Agresso Business World and insurance software, INSIS, throughout Ethiopia. The aim of the organization is to achieve international standards in efficiency so that it can compete with international companies. With our systems, they became the first company to achieve complete computerization. The project was completed in April 2011. Approximately 500 staff were trained. ERPST has implemented Agresso Business World and integrated with insurance software as well as handled the project management.


African Union (Ethiopia)

ERPST together with Unit4 Agresso AB has provided the state-of-art ICT infrastructure as Phase I for African Union’s implementation of ERP system.


Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority

ERPST together with Unit4 Agresso AB has signed a contract with Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority to supply and implement a turnkey project that includes ICT infrastructure, Agresso ERP solution and billing solution.  Project is ongoing and Phase I was successfully completed in November 2013.  Currently Phase II is being completed.



ERPST together with Unit4 Agresso AB has signed a contract with MIDROC Gold to supply and implement Agresso ERP solution.  MIDROC Gold was using 15-year-old Scala, which they plan to replace with more advanced Agresso Business World. Project is in the closing phases and will complete this month



Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC)

We have recently signed a contract with Ethiopian Railways Corporation for the Supply & Implementation of Turn-key project including Agresso Business World Enterprise System and complete IT Infrastructure. We proposed Agresso Business World and it was evaluated to be the highest scoring in terms of Technical and Financial requirements among competitors such as SAP and Oracle.



Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)

We have signed a contract and commenced the implementation of ERP and Fleet management system at Agricultural Transformation Agency. ATA have been funded by Bill and Melinda gates foundation and have a big mission to transform the Agricultural Environment in Ethiopia. To fulfill this mission it was deemed necessary to have a robust ERP that can be flexible to change. Agresso Business World was a perfect fit for their organization.

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