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Empowering Ethiopian Business with Local and International Expertise for over 20 years

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Modern Architecture

We Implement ERP for Government

For the past 20 years in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania we have been building the technoloogical backbone of State Institutions with ERP, Datacentres and Interconnected Business Applications

  • Ethiopian Naitional Insurance (EIC)

  • Addis Ababa Water & Sewerage Corporation (AAWSA)

  • Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation

  • African Union - Head Office in Addis Ababa

  • Ethiopian National Rail (ERC) 

  • Midroc Gold Mining

  • Agricultural National Transformation Agency (ATA)

ERP Implementation
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Whether you are implementing ERP as a new solution, reimplementing, or introducing a new module as part of your existing system, one of the key factors of a successful implementation project is ensuring you have the help of an expert certified partners who has a proven track record of completing ERP implementation projects on-time and within budget. see our solutions

Business Applications 

We are certfied partners with SAP, Oracle and UNIT4 Business world and we have extensive experience of helping organisations across the globe with some 20+ years in the industry. ensure their Business Applications implementation projects run in a smooth and efficient manner, using our tried and tested implementation method, ERP Implementation Methodology (EIM). Apart from Core ERP we have branched out to a number of different interconnected solutions 


Talent Management

Interconnected Apps 


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We are proud of our diverse and driven Team 

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At ERPST we recognize the challenge our customers face while maintaining disparate Network IT Infrastructure and Application Environments which is why we offer an ever expanding range of outsource options. We have government clients using our solutions accross East Africa 


SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING - Revolutionizing Connectivity

SDN is a transformative approach to network management, enabling dynamic control and configuration through software rather than traditional hardware. By centralizing control and enhancing flexibility, SDN simplifies network administration, accelerates innovation, and paves the way for efficient, adaptable, and responsive modern networks.


State-of-the-Art Datacenter: Cutting-Edge Datacenter Excellence

Our state-of-the-art datacenter represents the pinnacle of technology and infrastructure. Equipped with advanced hardware, security measures, and energy efficiency, it ensures optimal performance, reliability, and scalability for your critical business operations, all within a secure and resilient environment.


Integrations to Hardware Infrastructure- Seamless Hardware Integration Solutions

Our integrations seamlessly bridge software systems and hardware infrastructure, creating a harmonious ecosystem. By enabling fluid communication and collaboration between digital platforms and physical components, we enhance efficiency, reliability, and innovation, ultimately optimizing your technological landscape for success.

Management Services 

Change Managemenet 

Change management in ERP involves strategic planning and execution to smoothly transition an organization to a new digital framework. By addressing people, processes, and technology, it ensures seamless adoption, minimizes disruptions, and maximizes the benefits of ERP implementation, fostering a successful and sustainable transformation journey.

Business Process Engineering

ERP-Driven Business Process Reengineering: Strategic Transformation In ERP implementations, business process reengineering involves redefining and optimizing workflows to align with the capabilities of the new system. By leveraging ERP's integrated features, organizations can streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve higher levels of efficiency, ushering in a comprehensive and effective modernization of their business processes.

Project Management & Supervision

Our specialized services provide comprehensive project management and supervision tailored specifically for ERP implementations within governmental organizations in Ethiopia. We ensure meticulous planning, efficient resource allocation, and diligent oversight to guarantee successful adoption, smooth integration, and optimized performance of ERP systems, enabling streamlined operations and enhanced public service delivery.

ERP Total Support Call Center - Empowering Efficiency

Our unified, centrally based call center and support network, known as ERP Total Support (ETS), serves as a dedicated hub for all government clients utilizing ERPST solutions across Ethiopia. With a commitment to seamless assistance and underpinning our slogan, we provide comprehensive and responsive support, ensuring optimal performance and success in ERP implementations for public sector entities.

Business Affilitations

As our focus is on Turn Key solutions a key to our success has been leveraging partners with niche solutions - these has widened our expertise and allowed us to provide more IT services 

BANNER ERP Software Tech Team Together w

Partner with ERPST for IT or other business sectors we have a wide network that can assist you in getting your business/industry established here where our focus lies on helping manufacturing companies to decrease the trade imbalance to reduce the lack of dollar – in a country where some of the most basic manufacturing products are still not met.

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