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Digital Disruption

We are Swedish, Indian and Ethiopian owned IT conglomerate who together utilize expertise from various geographies to deliver powerful customer focused ERP solutions as well as best-in-class IT consultancy world-wide.


Business Discussion

ERP Implementation the right way!

Whether you are implementing ERP as a new solution, reimplementing, or introducing a new module as part of your existing system, one of the key factors of a successful implementation project is ensuring you have the help of an expert certified partners who has a proven track record of completing ERP implementation projects on-time and within budget.

We are certfied partners with SAP, Oracle and UNIT4 Business world and we have extensive experience of helping organisations across the globe with some 20+ years in the industry. ensure their ERP implementation projects run in a smooth and efficient manner, using our tried and tested implementation method, ERP Implementation Methodology (EIM).

Our Services

Our IT Consultancy Services

Our business has two pillars we focus on the Delivery side of ERP Implementations as well as IT consultancy services with our in-house trained and experienced consultants working from Kenya, Ethiopia, India, UAE as well as Sweden. 

Cloud Solutions

Managed IT Services

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Desktop

Network Solutions

Support Consulting

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