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Ethiopian Electrical Power Corporation (EEPCO)


ERPST Ethiopia partnered with Agresso AB to implement the EEPCO project, which included computer hardware, network equipment, customer billing software, and Agresso Business World. The project was completed on time and contributed to achieving efficiency within the organization. Agresso currently has fewer than 500 users. The billing software handles the 100,000,000.  

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation


ERPST Ethiopia partnered with Unit4 Agresso AB to implement the ERP and  project for the largest insurance company in Ethiopia, state-of-the-art accounting system, Agresso Business World, and insurance software, INSIS, throughout the country. This implementation made EIC the first company in Ethiopia to achieve complete digitilization.



ERPST together with Unit4 Agresso AB has signed a contract with MIDROC Gold, the largest gold mining company in Sub-Saharn Africa to supply and implement Agresso ERP solution. MIDROC Gold was using 15-year-old Scala, which they plan to replace with more advanced Agresso Business World. Project is in the closing phases and will complete this month

Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC)

erc logo'_edited.jpg

We have recently signed a contract with Ethiopian Railways Corporation for the Supply & Implementation of Turn-key project including Agresso Business World Enterprise System and complete IT Infrastructure. We proposed Agresso Business World and it was evaluated to be the highest scoring in terms of Technical and Financial requirements among competitors such as SAP and Oracle.

Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)

We have implemented ERP and Fleet management system at Agricultural Transformation Agency. ATA have been funded by Bill and Melinda gates foundation and have a big mission to transform the Agricultural Environment in Ethiopia. To fulfill this mission it was deemed necessary to have a robust ERP that can be flexible to change. Agresso Business World was a perfect fit for their organization.

Hagbes Plc 

hasbes logo.png

Hagbes PLC is the largest importer, distributor, after-sales support of heavy machinery in ethiopia. ERP Software Technologies implemented a complete ERP solution. Explain how this helped the company

Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Corporation (AAWSA)


ERPST together with Unit4 Agresso AB has signed a contract with Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority to supply and implement a turnkey project that includes ICT infrastructure, Agresso ERP solution and billing solution.  Project is ongoing and Phase II was successfully completed in November 2018.  Currently being supported 

African Union (AU)


ERPST together with Unit4 Agresso AB has provided the state-of-art ICT infrastructure as Phase I for African Union’s implementation of ERP system.

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